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Will there be a new Altcoin Rally?

In the crypto world, nothing is impossible,

and we have already felt this on a frequent scale. If you only remember the end of 2017, how explosively almost all altcoins have risen and you almost lost your eyes in the morning after getting up when you checked the prices. It was also shitnomesno what kind of coin that was or is, people bought everything just like they did with the Dot Com bubble back then. Who you consider that of these coins very many are or were only scams. It was unbelievable and I don’t think it’s ever going to be reproduced like that, or is it?

In 2017, Bitcoin was in many mouths,

even in the mainstream, reports came about and so many new investors came into the market. This has been extremely important because it was the only way to bring new money into the market and that is exactly what we need again. Otherwise there will be no new Altcoin Rally, it’s as simple as that. No new investors no fresh capital and therefore no hype.

But Bitcoin is picking up speed again

and will be interesting for many new investors. Interest is growing just through futures, new regulations, etc. But since bitcoin “appears” expensive, many investors will probably consider investing in cheaper so alternative coins (altcoins), with the hope of incredible profits. Because that’s what ALL want, profits make as easy and fast as possible. At the moment bitcoin dominance (about 65) is increasing and many altcoins are hanging far behind bitcoin. This dominance shows whether the Altcoin Rally has already started or not, because if it decreases, it is a clear signal for the beginning hype. The altcoins are still in the starting blocks and do not have the value they once had, with a few exceptions.

A parade example is Egretia (EGT) who has put in an incredible performance in the last few weeks, days. But that’s because he’s listed on Huobi, it’s a normal process. A large exchange announces to list a certain Altcoin and the price rises. Then he holds himself after the listening for 2-3 days and falls just as fast. This is exactly what has been observed several times. Whether it will be different this time is unlikely but I like to be positively surprised.

So always remember when the next Altcoin Rally comes and you’re fat in the plus to get out in time to realize your winnings. I know it always sounds so simple but this is the hardest thing ever. Fighting against his own greed, especially in trading, you know what I mean.