What is an Interplanetary File System and the Future of NFT | СNFD #14

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Greetings to the 15th episode of “Cryptocurrency Not For Dummies”. The show is hosted by anonymous crypto experts Mr. Etherman and Dr. Smartcontract. This time our hosts will talk about the interplanetary file system, also known as IPFS. What is the IPFS used for and how does the interplanetary file system blockchain actually works? This video is an introduction to the interplanetary file system so hurry up and find out how to use IPFS and what is IPFS overall. Delve into the interplanetary world of blockchain with Gagarin News!

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The Gagarin News YouTube channel will provide educational and informational videos about everything related to the world of crypto: what is cryptocurrency ,ipfs vs http, bitcoin (btc) and bitcoin news, interplanetary file system ipfs,interplanetary file system token, ethereum (eth), altcoin, blockchain and much more. As the project evolves, new shows and videos will be added.
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