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Top universities offer blockchain courses!

At Wharton School, more and more students are taking courses that deal with bitcoin and blockchain.

At other top universities, students are also eager to attend courses that focus on the decentralized technology of blockchain, which underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. According to a new survey of 675 students from the United States of America by Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase and Qriously, 9 of the students have already attended courses in this context and 26 still want to do so.

One reason for the increased interest in blockchain prices

are probably the very good job prospects in the near future. A very high percentage of leading companies now have blockchain or distributed ledger projects and are looking for expertise in this area. In fact, job ads for bitcoin on LinkedIn have increased nine-fold in the financial services industry and four-fold in the software technology industry over the past three years (compared to the total job ads on LinkedIn). There are about 2770 vacancies related to “blockchain” on the career site Glassdoor. Even at Stepstone’s job search engine, 132 jobs are listed if you enter “blockchain”, there will be more weekly.

For the industry, the possible applications are numerous,

from supply chain tracking to electricity suppliers. According to PwC’s Global Blockchain Survey 2018, 84 of the companies are very active in the topic of blockchain. Soon, more and more blockchain courses will probably be offered in schools and universities in Germany as well. Even if there are only a few cryptocurrencies will survive the blockchain does this definitely!