[Teaser] Slime Music Concert - The First NFT Game Music Concert

🎊 The First NFT Game Music Concert is alive! 🎊

🎼 We are so proud to be the first NFT Game investing properly and methodically in in-game music. More than 50 outstanding musicians unite in the orchestra to bring the most truly inspirational performance with traditional to modern unique instruments. Through our Slime concert, you can feel the entire charming and mysterious Slime Royale world come to life!

🌟 To heat up Slime Music Concert, the world's first NFT Game Music Concert, we are excited to hold additional mini-events with several of the most valuable prizes.

🎁 Rewards up to 10,000+ USDT in total.

🔗 Read on to learn more: https://whitepaper.slimeroyale.com/news/post-and-earn-event

Hope you enjoy the Music Concert and win lots of gifts!


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