MAJOR Ethereum MERGE News & NFT Market Updates | degods Solana NFT, Yuga Labs, The Parallax NFT News

Discover Ethereum MERGE and how NFT projects are affected (degods NFTs, Yuga Labs NFTs, Blankos Block NFT, The Parallax NFT, World Wide Wade Solana NFTs)

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0:00 TOP Ethereum MERGE News & NFT Market Updates | Yuga Labs, degods Solana NFT, The Parallax NFT News
0:14 NFT news - Ethereum Merge
1:22 World Wide Wade NFT
3:54 Degenheim NFT
4:36 The Parallax NFT - The Parallax Academy
4:58 degods NFT
8:16 Blankos Block Party NFT - Epic Games NFT
9:30 Yuga Labs NFT News

In this video, we'll cover the hot crypto news and NFT news about Ethereum merge and how it's affecting the top NFT projects and NFT flipping in general. Then, we'll look at the new Solana NFT drop with World Wide Wade to see if it's one of the best NFT projects. Next, we'll briefly cover Degenheim NFTs. Then, we'll talk about how you can access The Parallax Academy with The Parallax Genesis NFT. After that, we'll look at degods Solana NFT news. Finally, we'll cover Blankos Block Party NFT or Epic Games NFT and recent NFT news regarding Bored Ape's Yuga Labs.

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The Parallax is a media company committed to helping you navigate the new frontier of NFTs, Web3, and crypto.

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