Is Bitcoin SV even a Shitcoin?

Yes the crypto world is upside down

There was and is a new Shitcoin pumped almost every day and then disappears back into nirvana. In the meantime we have over 4000 different coins or tokens, the absolute hammer and do you all think are real and will you stay forever? Tokens create other tokens that in turn create tokens, are marketed by milk kids and this is still quite successful?! Who should really see through it and how should the chaff be distinguished from the wheat? That’s exactly the point, it’s all but impossible for absolute newcomers to see that.

Unfortunately, there is little good information, whether on websites or on YouTube,

In most cases, only the own coins are hyped, which the operators own or receive themselves without having really dealt with them. You are told how great and usable this coin or token is but that is not true. Out of 10 coins or tokens, 9 absolute rubbish and their white paper are copied only by others with very small changes. There are just too many and new ones are added every day. But the “inventors” just want to take you out and enrich themselves with you, so don’t fall for it.

A really good example of this is the absolute scam Bitcoin SV andeveryone should have looked at that by now. I don’t really need to keep writing about this that everyone knows by now what kind of proll our Mr. Craig Wright is! If you are of course a trader then you can also make coal with any Shitcoin as long as there are still stupid ones that will make you profit with the hope of making them.

Of course, there are certainly good projects as well

Which will prevail in the long term and whether one makes a profit with it is also in the stars. You must not forget that it is and remains an absolute high risk investment. You have to be really convinced of a project and expect to lose your investment if nothing becomes of the project. Leave no other to decide what is good or bad, as in real life you have to decide this all by yourself. Read yourself and check every single coin and don’t listen to what others are saying.