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Capverto (CAP) ICO Details & Financial Information

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AnfangsdatumNovember 12, 2018
EndterminApril 29, 2019
vor 1 Monat

Inclusive banking systems are engines of economic growth and poverty reduction. Without access to the full spectrum of banking services, unbanked populations must resort to outlets like microcredit networks and payday lenders to fulfill their financial needs, despite the high interest rates, steep fees and limited overall flexibility of such options. The unbanked need fairer, more flexible alternatives.

CEO & Co-founder
CTO & Co-founder
CIO & Co-founder
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Preis1 CAP = 1.82 USD Verkauf171,375,000 ZahlungsartETH
MindestanlageN/A VerteilungN/A AngehobenN/A
Soft Cap1,125,000 CAP harter Cap171,375,000 CAP