Honor to whom credit is due-pioneer of blockchain

Blockchain a revolution of honesty

Mertens calls blockchain technology a “revolution of honesty.” One of the most important pioneers in the development of central (trust centres) and decentralized (web of trust) authentication systems. During his studies, he studied PKI-based encryption solutions. In his thesis, he developed a concept for identity management for blockchain technology. In the mid-1990s, in addition to studying with Wei Dai, he worked on decentralized solutions for money. Mr. Dai holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Washington in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics. In 1998, he published the b-money-paper famous in the scene. To this day, it is considered the basis for the crypto-currency Bitcoin.

Mertens wants people to regain sovereignty over their data.

In his opinion, the dishonest are at an advantage at the moment, but the blockchain is turning this system around. A “blockchain,” that is, a chain of blocks, can be easily imagined as a series of information blocks that are decentralized and cryptographically encrypted on thousands of computers. So the information lies in encrypted form with all members of the network and not on a central server. If a member changes the file on his computer, it remains encrypted on all others in the original. This decentralized storage is designed to prevent tampering safely. Mertens specializes in solutions for the automotive, pharmaceutical and logistics industries.

Automatic link with smart contracts

In 2014, he founded his current company CryptoTec AG Which also combines their blockchain solutions with GSM-enabled sensors to monitor the transport of products in real time. This means that the customer receives a status report on the temperature, humidity and location of his ordered goods without delay. By integrating the data sent by the sensors into the blockchain, they cannot be manipulated retrospectively. In addition, it is possible to automatically link to smart contracts in order to verify compliance with contracts in an easy way. It also makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to insert plagiarism into the supply chain.

Mertens is a recognized expert in cryptography, blockchain, agile development and usability. He advises companies in the healthcare sector and regularly lectures at conferences and universities.