Bitcoin – Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

Bitcoinis not dead to get!

For several years now, Bitcoin has been said to death again and again. Bitcoin, incidentally, was first declared dead in 2010 in an Underground Economist article. Back then, the bitcoin was just worth 23 cents. And so it went on year after year the Bitcoin was declared dead, oddly enough the Bitcoin today stands far higher than just 23 cents?! One can ask oneself if there is really something about it, if any stock exchanges of gurus loudly scream that he will go against 0 cents! Of course, they have to announce this because most people don’t understand this technique (blockchain) that is behind it. In contrast, they accept and understand trading or speculating derivatives, money that really doesn’t exist!?

Bitcoinis limited and soon worth 1 million?

To refresh the general knowledge of the Bitcoin is not multiplied, but limited to 21.000.000 piece and cannot be printed like the Fiat money. As a result, it is an anti-inflationary and, unlike the Fiat Money, its value will increase more as has been clearly seen in recent years. OK I admit it’s all still very volatile as you can easily see by the courses but that’s only so long until completely accepted. Once this is reached, it will settle on a certain value to the dollar or rise over the years as the dollar will lose purchasing power. There are prominent people who assume that the value of a single bitcoin will reach far more than $500,000, or even $1 million, mathematically virtually impossible that this does not happen, according to Mr. McAfee.

A meal for millions of dollars and handbags made from paper money!

At the moment, unfortunately, it is still the case that there are some people or even Crypto Exchanges who can influence the courses. Believe it or not, it’s a fact that you saw it on the last sale of 25,000 Bitcoins, which happened to the price. He immediately rushed down and triggered a chain reaction of many trading bots. It took several hours for the course to settle again. Perhaps it was Tron’s cute and cuddly figurehead Justin Sun to fund his $4.57 million food with Warren Buffett. The pump and dump story only lasts until the Bitcoins are really divided among a lot of people.

In short, the eternal circle around the Bitcoin will continue to turn, some will claim it will have 0 cents worth others claiming it will reach the million. The fact is, however, that he has survived to this day and he is spreading further. More and more people will find access to it, even if only as a value investment similar to precious metals. People will seek other possibilities, because confidence in the dollar or in the fiat money is dwindling more and more. You just have to look to Venezuela where people make the most awesome things like handbags from the now worthless Fiat banknotes.