Bitcoin and the fight against the elite!

Easter is over and there was once again an up and down

By manipulation in the crypto market, as anyone idiot could recognize at the latest now. But I hope that you still had beautiful holidays and could spend time together with your family.

Now back to the cryptocurrencies, it is like on an battlefield because the elite want to destroy the cryptocurrencies (especially the Bitcoin). It goes up and down like on a rollercoaster ride and the little investors who are just in it anyway to make quick money lose the desire and get kicked out. I have nothing against it because I don’t care about these Moon-boys, because you should lose everything because your greed blinds you in order to recognize the true value of the cryptocurrency. It was never the goal of Bitcoin to get rich quickly, but to detach us from the current financial system and to be able to act independently. We have to break away from the dollar that keeps the world in check and blackmails. Be it with threats of war (we bring democracy) or nonsensical economic embargoes at the expense of ordinary people.

As hard as it sounds, there is the so-called elite that rules the world.

The Rothschild family is at the forefront of this, with all of your wealth estimated at $500 trillion. Yes you read correctly a 5 with 14 zeros (500.$)! The FED (Federal Reserve Bank) is a private bank that prints the money for the United States and lends it against interest. But who controls it?! Exactly from Rothschilds, Rockefeller and the Morgans.

In 1835, then-President Andrew Jackson declared:

“You are a pit full of snakes and thieves. I have decided to exterminate you, with God the Almighty, I will eradicate you. If people understood only the abhorrent wrongs of our monetary and banking system, we would have a revolution before tomorrow morning. “

Of course, this was followed immediately by an assassination attempt on Him, controlled by the banks, but which failed. From then on, years of intrigue followed in the Wise House. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy are probably with the most famous people who were murdered in an attempt to liberate the land from the bankers. All wars emanate from the elites by starting them first and then supporting all parties with their dirty blood money. This is, of course, a very profitable business for them. Gutle snapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild said one, “If my sons didn’t want wars, there wouldn’t be any.” You can believe it now or not but the world would be better off without these gigantic criminals and their bankers!

So and precisely there the Bitcoin relies on the decentralized money system, which can be controlled by the normal people themselves. That is why a war of elites and cryptofreaks is underway. Meanwhile, unfortunately, the elites are infiltrating more and more, Bitcoin Futures, Bakkt what’s to come, more and more stable coins to the dollar and so on. But all this is not healthy for the decentralized system, makes it dependent again on the financial system, on the dollar which is not covered by anything and can be printed infinitely.

So what can you do now?!

Just get some cryptocurrencies and don’t pay attention to the prices. If you have your own shop, you can offer goods against Bitcoin. Shop at shops where you can pay with cryptocurrencies. Under no circumstances do you buy consumer goods on credit and pay interest on them. Anyway, only buy what you really need and you can also afford yourself with your own money. Support and read blogs, do a little research on written, get your own picture of the world and finally wake up. Support your neighbors and this means your own family, relatives and acquaintances. And the mainstream doesn’t believe anything very important!! I repeat NOTHING! Only in this way can the world gradually detach itself from the disgusting ulcer of the elite and their assistants.