Are NFTs Going BACK to GoblinTown?! (NFT Show #18)

In this episode of the NFT show Pio buys a Multibeast, Nick orders a Pizza, Kix is having the time of his life.

NFT projects discussed are clonex, multibeast, bowls, chromie squiggles, Renga, Azuki, and an hour of nonsense with the nifty.

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2:58 Cryptopunks
12:04 Ethereum Charts
20:08 Renga and Azuki
25:04 CloneX
32:08 Digi's
35:00 Multibeast
37:00 Truth Labs
41:40 Squiggles
45:16 Kumaleon
49:12 Nick Orders Pizza
51:53 Slack Alpha
53:53 Multibeast
56:43 Cryptopunk66666
59:02 Wolf Game and Apecoin Staking

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